48th E.A. International Salon of Photography 2015

We are happy to announce the launch of the 48th E.A. International Salon of Photography 2015 and cordially invite your submissions and continued support.

International Recognition and patronage have been granted by:

PSA Special Recognition No. : 2015/289

Patronage of FIAP No. : 2015/325

Patronage of RPS No. : 2015/55

It would be a great honor to improve the quality of the exhibition with your photos.

Division & deadline for entries :

Pictorial Print Division - Large Coloour (Open) : 26/8/2015

Pictorial Print DivIsion - Large Monochrome (Open) : 26/8/2015

Projected Images Division - Colour (Open) :2/9/2015

Projected Images Division - Colour (Nature): 2/9/2015


PSEA SALON 2015 ENTRY FORM (with Rules & Regulations)<